Silicon Carbide

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Silicon Carbide Seals


Silicon Carbide


Silicon Carbide has the property of excellent resistant-corrosion, better hardness, high mechanical strength, high thermal conductivity and heat-resisting than ordinary ceramic materials. Recently, the silicon carbide material is widely applied in mechanical seals, seal faces, bearings, machinery, printing and dyeing, foodstuff, auto industry and so on. When the sic faces are combined with graphite faces the friction is the smallest and they can be made into mechanical seals which are able to work in highest working requirements.

Silicon Carbide Properties:

◇ High mechanical strength
◇ Low thermal expansion
◇ High hardness
◇ Low density
◇ Excellent resistant-corrosion
◇ Excellent thermal shock resistance
◇ Superior chemical inertness
◇ Good self-lubrication