Product Name:

PTFE Seals




PTFE is the most commonly used fluorinated polymer. It is a high-molecular-weight compound consisting of carbon and fluorine. Because of the lowest coefficient of friction it adapted to the harshest environments. Obviously, PTFE(TEFLON)is not influenced by any chemicals and the surface is smooth. It works in a wide range of temperature from -270° to 385° with the physical property intact. For example, it is suitable for mechanical seals, bearing, O-ring seals, sealing pad, pump seals, container, shaft seals, valve and pump parts in corrosive environment. One of the most famous uses for PTFE is as a non-stick coating found on steam cooker, saw, and other items. However, PTFE is used in the medical, chemical, electrical, automotive, aerospace and wire & cable.

PTFE Properties:

◇ Corrosion resistant
◇ Abrasion resistant
◇ Atmospheric aging resistant
◇ Ultraviolet(UV)light resistant
◇ Self-lubricating
◇ Insulation
◇ Excellent mechanical property, shock resistant with elasticity
◇ Not toxic