Carbon Graphite

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Carbon Seals


Carbon Graphite


Graphite is one of carbon element crystallization minerals. Graphite is one kind has thermostable, the electric conduction, the heat conduction, the lubrication, plastic and performance and so on corrosion resistance non-metallic minerals. Although the graphite is the non-metallic mineral, but has the metal and the organic compound nature, its principal characteristic includes: high resistance to thermal shock, good electric and thermal conductivity, low friction, self-lubrication, high compressive strength, high resistance to chemical attack and corrosion, painting and plasticity and chemical stability. It is ideal to choose it as the frictional mating rings.

Carbon Graphite Application(Uses in the Mechanical Engineering Industry):

◇ Bearings and seals for pumps- submersible pumps
◇ Vanes for Compressors
◇ Rings and Seals for steam joints in paper-machines
◇ Semifinished materials for mechanical application